Better Un-Butter Brownies
Rich chocolate flavor without oil, eggs or dairy

1/2 C whole wheat flour
1/3 C cocoa
1 t baking powder
1/4 t salt

1 T EnerG egg replacer with 4 T water
1/2 C pureed prunes or plums
     or one 4 oz. jar of unsweetened baby food prunes or plums
     or 4 oz of SunSweet 'Lighter Bake'
2/3 C sugar
1 t vanilla

In one bowl mix egg replacer with water, and add the other liquid ingredients. In another bowl mix the dry ingredients well and then add to the liquid. Mix together only until evenly blended. Over- mixing will cause the brownies to be flat (and chewy). Bake in a non-stick pan at 350° F. for 20- 25 minutes or until edges look dry and start to pull away from the pan. Can also be microwaved at high for 6 minutes.

8 servings, each: Calories 115, Fat .803g (6% cff), Carbohydrate 25.65 g, Protein 2.51 g. (8%)

Healing Heart Hint:
Use non-stick pans or spray a regular pan with one second's worth of Pam (or other non-stick spays) These sprays contain a form of fat, so use sparingly. Instead of trying to coat the pan with spray, use a small amount in the center and then spread it with a folded paper towel. Do not use oil to `grease' a pan, even a little oil adds extra fat that is not required.

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