Sports Refresher

Make your own sports drink - as good as you can buy - at a fraction of the cost

1 C water
1 T orange juice (or 2 t lemon juice)
1 T sugar (do not use a low calorie sugar substitute)
1 pinch salt

Add ingredients to water and shake well. Will keep at least 24 hours without refrigeration, weeks if kept cold.

For those who do not like citrus, use 3 oz. of cranberry juice cocktail in 5 oz. of water, but do not add sugar.

1 serving, each 45 calories, 0% from fat, 100% from carbohydrates ( g), 0% from protein (pp.pp g). Sodium 10 mg,

Healing Heart Hint

Any vigorous exercise can cause you to lose a quart of water an hour, even more in hot weather or very cold, dry conditions. It's important to replace fluids lost in exercise, but most people can go an hour or so before needing to replace fluids. Many so-called "sports drinks" are not well-balanced and can delay absorption.

With 8% sugar and a trace of sodium, this drink helps balance electrolytes, improving performance and delaying fatigue by conserving carbohydrate without slowing absorption.

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