Sausage Patties

Meatless substitute for sandwiches, won-ton & lumpia filling or a breakfast treat

1  C  TVP granules
¾  C  very hot water
2  T  salt-reduced soy sauce
1  t  liquid smoke
2  t  marjoram
2 cloves fresh crushed garlic  or  ½ t garlic granules/powder
½  t  onion powder
½  t  thyme
½  t  salt (optional for low salt diets)
½  t red pepper flakes
fresh ground lack pepper to taste
½  C  mashed firm low-fat (lite) tofu
½  C  vital wheat gluten

Put TVP in a large bowl. Place all ingredients except tofu and gluten in very hot water and pour over TVP. When the mixture is cooled, add tofu and gluten flour and knead a few minutes, forming into 5 to 10 thin patties. Wipe a heavy skillet with a paper towel and a few drops of oil and fry over medium heat until evenly browned and firm, about 8 minutes per side.

Serve immediately or refrigerate or freeze. Reheat in a microwave for about one or two minutes.

If 8 patties, each 56 calories, 10% from fat (0.61 g), 47% from carbohydrates (6.7 g), 43% from protein (6.1 g). Sodium 144 mg, Fiber 4 g.

Healing Heart Hint

TVP has little taste of its own, so the spices used in the liquid to reconstitute it can bring it to life.
In this recipe:
+ For Italian sausage flavor add fennel seeds, more garlic, oregano and basil.
+ For chorizo (Mexican sausage) add oregano, cumin and extra garlic.
+ For hotter sausage, add finely ground cayenne pepper or your favorite hot sauce.

For TVP in general, try adding the flavors of the dish you'll be using it in. The variety of flavors is limited only by your imagination.

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