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Texas Heart Institute
Easy to understand anatomy of the heart
PMRI (Preventive Medicine Research Institute
Dr. Ornish's official web site
Dr. John McDougall
Online Wellness Center with discussions, Q&A, recipes and resources
Text and graphics with excellent coverage of coronary artery disease, angina, heart attack - many other features
Ask the Doctors
Ottawa freenet based question and answer panel for any medical issue
OnLine Medical Dictionary
Full medical dictionary with alphabetical browsing
Ask Dr. Weil
Alternate medicine - Q&A feature and contributions from many other famous physicians
Pediheart site with highly technical and detailed explanation of heart function
Abstracts of heart-related articles in medical journals
 Electronic edition of Heart (medical journal)
Abstacts from the cardiology journal of the American Medical Association
Search engine for health related issues
Heart Disease and Stroke, Ask NOAH
New York (NOAH) joint medical project with database search and much useful information
Heart Info
News reports and summaries, independent; founded by a heart patient and a physician
Harvard Medical School general medical resource + heart disease section.           Request daily or weekly email news summaries.
Commercial site - much information on non-invasive diagnostics
Mayo Clinic
General medical information plus Heart Center
National Cholesterol Education Program - Information on lowering cholesterol with FAQs and resource library
Dietary Supplement Information Database
search of bibliographic archives from National Institute of Health
PubMed - Medline
National Institute of Medicine search for over 9 million articles on medical topics
Yale Heart Book
Entire text of one of the best popular books on heart disease and function (requires Adobe Acrobat reader, available free)
General medical resource site, encyclopedia, Q&A, self-care, discussions
Dr. Koop's Healthy Heart Resource Center
Former Surgeon General's coronary disease site - library, news, chats, advice
AMA Health Insight Information for Consumers
General medical news, audio articles
Lipid Health
National Lipid Education Council's newsletter, slides, articles, case studies. Highly technical
Lipid Health
Anatomy of the heart - National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute
Heart Surgery Online
Well illustrated and easy to understand site showing how the heart works
The Heart in Plain English
Basic fundamentals featuring anatomy, function, circulatory system, electrical system, coronary arteries, heart valves and more.
RX Med
Information about most prescription drugs
Heart Risk Evaluation Calculator
Instant heart risk assessment based on Framingham Study data.
Cholesterol Risk Evaluation Calculator
Instant heart risk assessment based on cholesterol levels.
Comprehensive scientific resource on lipids; cholesterol and tryglycerides

    Nutritional  - Recipes, Food Sources, Vegetarian

Fat Free
Thousands of recipes archived by category, all low fat vegetarian
On-line magazine, discussion groups, recipes, book reviews, personalities and resources for vegetarian living
Vegetarian Resource Group
Helpful center of vegetarian information
Vegetarian Times
Articles and recipes from a leading vegetarian magazine
Dixie Diner's Club
Mail order source of many low fat vegetarian foods, make their own soy foods high in isoflavones
USDA Nutritional Values
Database to determine the exact nutritional content of more than 10,000 foods
The Satiety Index
Foods that satisfy craving the longest
Vegetarians in Paradise
Los Angeles vegetarian resource - has excellent general information on airline meals and vegetarian food companies

        Stress Management
Yoga Basics
Step-by-step instructions for many basic yoga poses (asanas)
Yoga Sequences
Simple instructions for selected yoga sequences, one for each day of the week
The Yoga Corner's top-selling yoga books, audio and video tapes
Basic information on various types of meditation and links
Meditation techniques - 1
Meditation instructions
Meditation techniques - 2
Simple instructions to learn meditation
Meditation Station
Information, resources and instructions from the Meditation Society of America

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