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Healthy Heart Handbook

The Healthy Heart Handbook sold out it's fourth printing in February of 2001.
No more copies are available from the publisher, Health Communications, Inc.

While the information in the book remains valid, many important research findings have been released since it was published. To include them would require an entirely new edition, which is not planned at this time.

There are three ways you can now read this book:

Online   The book is available at no cost on the Healing Heart Foundation website ( With the exception of the bibiography, references and a few incidental pages, all of the book is online, reformatted for web access. This online edition is regularly updated and reflects many of the latest research findings.

Library Loan   If your local library does not have the book available, the Foundation will send any public library a copy without charge. Ask the librarian to mail us a written request on library stationery, indicating the book will be placed in free general circulation.

Personal Copy   A limited supply of a special edition is available.

Prior to national publication, the Healing Heart Foundation also published their own 'Pre-publication Limited Edition'. The text of this edition is essentially the same as the regular edition. The chapters are arranged in a slightly different order and the book contains 52 recipes, rather than the 76 recipes in the sold-out edition. All the missing recipes, and many more new ones, are available on the Healing Heart Foundation website.

Although the list price is $15.95, the Foundation will supply this special edition, as long as the supply lasts, for the actual cost of printing - $8.00, plus postage (see below).

To order this book, send a check or money order payable to Dr. Neal Pinckney and send it to:

Dr. Neal Pinckney
Healing Heart Foundation
1650 Ala Moana Blvd. - Suite 1601
Honolulu, HI 96815-1411

  • For Priority Mail [typically 3 days] add $6.80 for a total of $14.80
        If you enclose your email address, you will be sent an email with the USPS tracking number of the package.

  • For surface mail (media mail) add $3.00 for a total of $11.00
      (Allow up to 6 weeks for surface mail from Hawaii)

    Please indicate if you would like the author to personally sign the book, and if so, to whom you would like it inscribed.

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