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Although the basic look remains the same, this site is updated and modified frequently as new information, research findings, recipes and suggestions are added to the various pages. To see when this site was last updated, click here.

To email the Webmaster for help, comments or suggestions, or to contact the Foundation, please click on the Contact Us button here or on many of the pages.

About this site:

This web site is sponsored by the Healing Heart Foundation, established in 1993. It is based on the experiences of over 700 participants of its heart disease prevention and reversal Support Groups and the Healthy Heart Handbook, by Dr. Neal Pinckney. Unless otherwise indicated, the text of all sections of this site was written by Dr. Pinckney.

The format and coding of much of this web site is by webmaster Chris Riggan, a self-taught applications and web programmer. He also works as a respiratory therapist specializing in critical care and cardiac rehabilitation and has saved numerous lives with CPR. Chris is a multi-sport competitor and champion. He is using his knowledge and experiences to construct a Health and Fitness web site, which will focus primarily on aerobic kickboxing tips, techniques, and classes.

© The material on this site is the property of the Healing Heart Foundation and/or Dr. Neal Pinckney.and is protected by U.S. copyright laws. All rights reserved. Permission to quote or reproduce brief passages for non-commercial use is granted upon the condition that it is properly attributed to the Healing Heart Foundation (including our URL) and that a copy of any quoted or copied material is sent to the Healing Heart Foundation.

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Important Notice:
This site does not offer medical advice. Always consult your doctor before starting any new lifestyle activities. Please read the entire Conditions of Use and Disclaimer .

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