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 ADA Position adopted by the House of Delegates on October 18, 1987, and reaffirmed on September 12, 1992. The update will be in effect until October 1997.

 Recognition is given to the following for their contributions:
Suzanne Havala, MS, RD; Johanna Dwyer, DSc, RD
Phyllis Acosta, RD; Patricia Johnston, DrPH, RD; Mary Clifford, RD; Vegetarian Nutrition dietetic practice group: Winston Craig, PhD, RD, and Virginia Messina, MPH, RD; Pediatric Nutrition dietetic practice group

This position paper was published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, November 1993, Volume 93, Number 11. Reprinted by permission, The American Dietetic Association, 216 West Jackson Boulevard, Chicago, IL 60606-6995

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