Basic Foods

Most of things you'll need can be bought at any large food store, but some items are usually carried only by health food stores. On your first visit to a health food store, you may want to stock up on these:
Nutritional yeast
  yellow flakes or powder
  cheese-like taste
Balsamic vinegar
  dark liquid, in bottles
  sweet, wine-like
Whole wheat flour
  light brown flour
  full fiber, nutrients
Buckwheat flour
  medium brown flour
  great for pancakes
Cornmeal, polenta
  coarse ground, yellow
  baked goods
  small, bean-like, colors
  low-fat, quick
Whole wheat pita bread
  tortilla taste
  sandwhiches, pizza
Blackstrap molasses
  very dark & thick
  minerals, vitamins
Soy milk, rice milk
  carton, not refrigerated
  buy no-fat or lite
Low-sodium soy sauce
  dark brown liquid
  still quite salty
Rolled or steel cut oats
  looks like oatmeal
  quick as "instant" kind
Rice cakes
  round. Popcorn-like taste
  low-calorie, filling
  wheat granules
  non-fat cereal or baking
Corn Flakes
  generic brands good
  cereal and cooking
Active dry yeast
  in envelopes or jar
  homemade bread pizza
Dried beans
  black, pinto, kidney, garbanzo, & more
  stews, casseroles, crock-pot chili, salads
* Ask for and buy only a nutritional yeast that's fortified with vitamin B¹².

©1994, 1996, 2002
Dr. Neal Pinckney
Healing Heart Foundation