Iron Content of Some Plant Foods
 Food Ratio*PortionIron (mg)
Swiss chard11.31 cup4.0
Blackstrap molasses7.61 tblsp6.4
Tofu, firm7.1-9.9½ cup7-13
Beet greens7.01 cup2.7
Spinach6.751 cup2.0
Bok choy (Chinese cabbage)5.61 cup1.8
Turnip greens4.01 cup3.2
Tomato juice, canned3.41 cup1.4
Green beans3.21 cup1.1
Brussel sprouts3.11 cup1.2
Soybeans, boiled3.01 cup8.8
Broccoli3.01 cup1.1
Lentils2.91 cup6.6
Kale2.81 cup1.2
Quinoa, whole or ground2.51 cup5.3
Kidney beans2.31 cup5.2
Lima beans2.11 cup2.3
Pinto beans1.91 cup1.9
Peas1.81 cup2.5
Soy milk1.81 cup1.5
Prune juice1.71 cup3.0
Black beans1.61 cup3.6
Apricots1.35 halves2.0
Peas, blackeye1.31 cup4.3
Bulgur wheat, cooked1.21 cup1.8
Tempeh (soy product)1.11 cup3.8
Potato (medium size)1.16 oz2.8
Chickpeas/garbanzo beans1.01 cup4.7
Figs,dried0.95 medium2.1
Raisins0.7½ cup1.6
Prunes0.75 medium1.0
Millet0.51 cup1.5
Watermelon0.5medium slice1.6
Wheat gluten/seitan0.1½ cup4.0

* The RATIO is a measure of a nutrient per calorie. Many foods cannot be accurately measured as called for in recipes. Is a cup of spinach loosely or tightly packed? The ratio column lists milligrams per 100 calories of each food item, a constant value no matter what portion size.

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