Common Plant Sources of Calcium
Amaranth857.11 cup90
Turnip684.01 cup200
Collard Greens583.01 cup355
Bok Choy Chinese Cabbage511.01 cup250
Mustard Greens490.51 cup150
Seaweed, Kombu (Kelp)391.0½ cup170
Seaweed, Wakame, raw332.8½ cup150
Blackstrap Molasses321.01 Tblspoon140
Kale225.01 cup200
Okra197.31 cup90
Broccoli171.51 cup180
Tofu, firm141.6½ cup130
Squash, acorn78.31 cup90
Tortilla, corn62.51 item120
Baked beans, vegetarian58.91 cup130
Soybeans58.71 cup175
Great Northern beans57.61 cup140
Kidney beans53.01 cup115
Navy beans, boiled49.41 cup90
Figs48.65 figs135

* The RATIO is a measure of a nutrient per calorie. Many foods cannot be accurately measured as called for in recipes. Is a cup of spinach loosely or tightly packed? The ratio column lists milligrams per 100 calories of each food item, a constant value no matter what portion size.

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