Claims may mean the opposite of the nutritional truth:

Claim:FDA Meaning
(per serving):
Health Meaning:
Fat freeLess than 0.5 mg of fatMay be high in fat if many servings used
Low fat3 g or less of fat3 g is high fat for heart health
LeanLess than 10 g of total fat,
4 g of saturated fat, &
95 mg of cholesterol
An artery-clogging food to be avoided; 95 mg is a 3-week supply for those trying to reverse heart disease risk
Light (lite)30% fewer calories or half the fat & half the sodium of the regular version of the same foodDoesn't mean it's low fat or low sodium, just that it has less than the item it is being compared with; could still be very high in fat & sodium
Cholesterol freeLess than 2 mg of cholesterol & less than 2 g of saturated fatA good guide to cholesterol, but check the saturated fat: 2 g is too much