Dietary Fiber (grams) in common foods
Group Food Item Serving Fiber (g)
Vegetables Kidney Beans, cooked half cup 6.9
and Pinto Beans, cooked half cup 5.9
Legumes Lentils, cooked half cup 5.2
  Green Peas, cooked half cup 4.3
  Broccoli, cooked half cup 2.4
  Potato, raw, with skin half cup 1.5
  tomato, raw 1 medium 1.0
Fruit Pear, with skin 1 large 5.8
  Figs, dried 3 medium 4.6
  Apricots, with skin 4 small 3.5
  Apple (with skin) 1 small 2.8
  Banana 1 small 2.2
Grains Oat Bran, dry 1/3 cup 4.0
  Oatmeal, dry 1/3 cup 2.7
  Brown Rice, cooked half cup 2.4
  White Rice, cooked half cup 0.8
  Whole Wheat Bread one slice 1.5
  White Bread one slice 0.6

Source: Fiber value from plant fiber in foods, Second edition. James W. Anderson, M.D. Nutritive Research Foundation, Inc. P O Box 22124, Lexington, KY 40522.

Chef Jeff Novick has compiled the following guide will help you estimate the fiber in your diet.

Vegetables    2-3 grams per:
     ½ cup cooked  or  1 cup raw

Fruit    2-3 grams per:
    1 medium piece of fruit (apple, orange)
    ½ grapefruit, banana
    ½ cup diced, frozen, cut-up fruit

Vegetable Protein
    Beans   4 - 7 grams of fiber per   ½ cup cooked
    Nuts and Seeds  1-2 gram of fiber per   1 oz (about 2 tablespoons)

Unrefined Complex Carbohydrates 3-5 grams of fiber per:
    ½ cup cooked starchy vegetable (peas, corns, potatoes, yams)
    ½ cup cooked whole grain (rice, oatmeal, barley)

Refined Carbohydrates  ~1 gram of fiber per:
    1 oz bread product (1 slice whole wheat bread)
    ½ whole wheat pita or bagel
    1 oz dry cereal

Many dry cereals have misleading amounts of fiber in them as much of the fiber is supplemental fiber that has been added to the "refined" cereal.

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