Chinese Cabbage in Vinegar Sauce
(Hakusai no Nihaizu)

Light, bright Oriental sauerkraut cousin

Chinese cabbage (bok choy, pak choi) about 3 large or 6 small leaves
2 T   rice vinegar
4 drops   soy sauce or tamari
½ t   sugar (or other sweetener)
tiny pinch  salt   (about 1/8 t)

Using leaves from just inside the outer cover, trim off ragged edges and cut each leaf in half crosswise.

Bring enough water to cover leaves to a boil (but do not put in cabbage yet), remove from heat and let leaves soak in hot water for two minutes. Drain. Stack half leaves and cut into julienne strips.

Mix vinegar, salt, soy sauce and sugar in a bowl. Add cabbage leaves and stir well. Set aside for 30 minutes to bring out full flavor. Serve at room temperature or chilled. Can be kept refrigerated for one day.

4 servings, each 21 calories,  4% from fat (0.115 g),  75% from carbohydrates (4.5 g),  20% from protein (1.8 g).  Sodium 300 mg,  Fiber 0.34 g.

Healing Heart Hint

To add a little 'zing' to this dish, and many other Asian dishes, add a little ginger. Fresh ginger root, either grated or finely chopped, goes a long way, so only a small amount (usually less than a teaspoon) is needed.

An interesting way to bring a mild ginger flavor to many dishes is to finely chop some candied or crystalized ginger slices. This can be added during cooking or placed on the table to be added to taste when the dish is served

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