Chick'n Style Seasoning

When a recipe calls for vegetable or chick'n broth
use this seasoning mixed with water instead

1 1/3 C nutritional yeast flakes
3 T onion powder
2¼ t garlic powder
1 T salt
1 t celery seed
3 T Italian seasoning (or 1½ T oregano + 1½ T basil)
2 T parsley, dried

Put all ingredients, except parsley in a blender and make a fine powder. Stir in parsley. Store in airtight container

Making this yourself is much less expensive than buying vegetarian chicken broth. You'll find it tastes better and has much less salt.

You can use this seasoning to make a quick chicken-like stock out of water when you have no veggie stock on hand. Excellent for flavoring rice and as a soup base.

36 - 1 T servings, each: Calories 21, Fat .049 g. (2% cff), Carbohydrate 2.85 g, Protein 2.16

This seasoning is sodium-free. Salt can be added to taste for those not on a low-sodium diet.

Healing Heart Hint

To make a very simple, easy, and tasty gravy, combine: 1 T Chik'n Style Seasoning, 1½ cups water and 2 t miso. Just before serving, blend 1- 2 T corn starch or potato starch in a ¼ C water and add to gravy to thicken over medium heat until you reach desired thickness.

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