Creamy Corn Bisque

A dairy-free, rich, thick and creamy soup, or a main dish over brown rice, baked potato or pasta.

1 pkg frozen corn or 2 ears fresh corn (salt-free canned corn can be used)
4 C water
1 C onion
1 C favorite fresh or frozen vegetables
2 stalks celery (if desired)
¼ - ½ C corn meal
low-salt shoyu or tamari to taste

Defrost the corn (if frozen) in water. Drain corn, saving water. Saute onion and corn in a little water (1 T low-salt shoyu or tamari adds flavor). Add 1/8 C corn meal, stirring so that all veggies are covered. Slowly add water, stirring to avoid lumps. Bring to a boil, then simmer for about 30 minutes. Add celery and cook another 10 minutes. Salt or tamari can be added at anytime during the process, but is best added (if at all) at the end. For a main course over rice or pasta add water to thin slightly.

Start with ⅛ cup of corn meal, gradually add a little more, but wait before adding all, it thickens as it cooks.

6 servings, each: Calories 121, Fat 1.19 (8% cff), Carbohydrate 26.46 g, Protein 3.65 g. (11%)

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