Beanie Weanie

A full flavor, full nutrition meal in minutes.

½ C diced celery
½ C chopped onion
19 oz. can crushed tomatoes
2-14 oz. cans beans (black, pinto, kidney, navy, garbanzo, etc)
4 fatfree veggie hotdogs, chopped or sliced in coins
2 t vegetable bouillon
1 t vegetarian worcestershire sauce
dash of cayenne pepper or hot sauce, to taste
1 t sweetener (succanat, brown rice syrup or sugar)
1 t basil
1 bay leaf

Saute celery and onion in veggie water or veggie broth until tender. Add remaining ingredients and simmer for 15 minutes.
For a different flavor twist, try sauteing onions and celery in wine or balsamic vinegar. This dish can easily change nationalities: for a Mexican flavor, add chili powder, for an Indian accent add a tablespoon of curry powder, or for a Hungarian flavor add 2 T of sweet paprika.

6 servings, each 180 calories, 4% from fat (0.75 g), 62% from carbohydrates (28.5 g), 35% from protein (16 g). Sodium 401 mg, Fiber 7 g.
(This analysis used canned beans and tomatoes. Using home cooked or low-salt canned items will lower the sodium content by about half.)

Healing Heart Hint

The original Worcestershire sauce recipe contains anchovies, but many vegetarian versions of this flavorful condiment are available. The taste of most of them cannot be distinguished from the original. Use vegetarian Worcestershire sauce in ketchup to make a savory sauce, in chili for added zing and in stews for a richer flavor.

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